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Even though we can often park right outside the lodge, if you arrive at night it can be cold so keep your jacket & gloves handy!

Here's what we suggest you bring:

  • A Key!

  • Chains

  • A torch

  • Snow boots for walking / playing outside the lodge

  • Appropriate warm snow clothing

  • Ski / snowboarding equipment

  • Personal clothes medicine and toiletries

  • Towel

  • Bottom bed sheet (single)

  • Top bed sheet or a sleeping bag or duvet

  • Pillow case

  • Food for the duration of your stay

  • Small shovel - just in case you need to dig into the lodge

And optionally;

  • Your own drinks, beer, wine, speciality tea or ground coffee (plunger available in the lodge)

  • Pre-dinner snacks, chips, cheeses etc.

  • A book to swap in our book swap section

What is provided:

  • Fresh drinking water

  • Black tea, instant coffee, milo

  • Sugar, flour, rice

  • Small selection of spices

  • A small selection of emergency food in case of an emergency

  • Hand soap and paper towels for bathrooms

"I love that I can pack what my family eats and cater to our dietary needs rather than worry that we won't be able to eat the meal served to us"

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