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Note: Membership applications are considered by the committee and approved at their discretion.  In the event that an application is turned down the joining fee will be refunded.

"We are like an extended family - some of the senior members remember me from when I was at primary school -  I grew up skiing with the other member adults and now my kids are continuing the tradition skiing with their kids."

Tahurangi Ski Club has been family focused since the beginning; built in the 1950's by a break-away group from Aorangi Ski Club, our foundation members wanted a place where they could bring their families for skiing holidays on Mt Ruapehu. 

Our club was specially designed to accommodate 16 members, spread over 4 bunk rooms, in a friendly and modern environment - as such it’s one of the more intimate and friendly lodges on the mountain.

The kitchen and bathrooms were renovated in 2014 and regular maintenance ensures it continues to be a comfortable, warm and welcoming environment.


"When the sun goes down, we can now enjoy night skiing and then ski straight back to our Front Door!!"


Tahurangi Ski Club is the ultimate family friendly getaway.  It is a place where kids can be kids, while adults relax with like-minded people and a drink after a good day on the slopes. Tahurangi is designed to be small and family-oriented.


Unlike many other clubs, it is self-catering. This is one way we can keep costs down, allowing all guests to organise their time and dietary requirements themselves.  Since we are located on the mountain it is easy to pop back to the lodge for a relaxing lunch - saving yourself from the cafe chaos!

Members enjoy: fantastic rates for accommodation that are second to none; parking right outside the door - there's no treck up to our lodge late at night with all your gear; and we are the closest lodge you can get to the lifts - its only 307 steps up to the bottom lift and you're there - even carrying gear for yourself and three kids is no problem over that distance!

Perhaps the best thing about staying at the club is being right on the slopes of mighty Mount Ruapehu itself.  What we love is opening the curtains in the morning and being able to decide from your bed if you'll sleep for another hour or get up and ready for first tracks.  No need to rush worrying about the carpark you'll end up in.

"There is nothing quite like having your breakfast and watching the RAL crew get the lifts ready for you. Then simply walk across the road and up 300m, click into your skis & ski down to the chair lift."

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